What is the Into The Whirled Drumcarded Batt Club?
You have heard of the coffee of the month club right? Maybe the apple of the month club? Then you already know how this whole "Club" thing works. Depending upon your subscription type, for three consecutive months, one (or two) four ounce Drumcarded Batts will magically (well, actually not magically - a whole lot of work goes into the execution of each months club) appear at your doorstep!!
When to Purchase:
As the Drumcarded Batt Club is run in three month intervals there will not be set date of purchase, instead, when they are available, we will announce their arrival on one or more of our social media outlets. When available, Drumcarded Batt Club memberships will be listed in the online shop.
Colorways will be kept secret until it arrives on your doorstep. That is unless you sneak a peak into the monthly Ravelry Group spoiler thread. Please note that the Sock Yarn Club, Classic Fiber Club, LUXE Fiber Club, and the Drumcarded Batt Club will be the same colorway each month.
Future of Club Colorways:
Colorways will remain exclusive for a six-month period after which they may or may not be made available to the general public.
Shipping Dates:
Club will ship between the 15th and the 20th of each month of the Club cycle.
Fiber content:
The fiber content may vary from round to round, please be sure to read the online listing for details on the specific fiber offered.