Targhee sheep are a true American breed coming from the USDA Sheep Experiment Station in Idaho (they are named after the national park where they grazed). The breed derived from crossbreeding Rambouillet rams with Corriedale/Lincoln ewes. The intention was to breed multi-purpose sheep that would thrive in the high plains of the US. Their goals were reached in 1926 when they created the large framed, superbly producing Targhee. The Targhee produce a soft wool with the easy handling characteristics of a longwool. Targhee wool also feels light in the hand with nice loft and elasticity. The breed shares many of Merino’s softer qualities while being slightly more durable and easier to draft.
Staple Length:
3 - 5 Inches
22 - 25 microns (60s-62s)
United States
Dyers Notes:
Targhee has a variegation within each color creating a natural interest and depth. Targhee has that signature matte finish of all the loftier fibers.
Spinners Notes:
When spinning Targhee it’s always a good idea to consider your finished project first as this will help determine how you spin your yarn. For the more durable everyday projects that Targhee lends itself to you would want to make sure that you have enough twist in the yarn to make it durable but not so much that you loose the lovely soft texture that it can offer.