Romney sheep (like so many other breeds) get their name for the area in which they were bred; a 100 square mile of coastal plains in England, the Romney Marsh. In Roman controlled Britain seawalls and drainage systems were installed into the marsh, which over time, created a rich, peaty soil perfect for grazing the flocks of the region. In the beginning the fleece and the health of these sheep were quite poor however, by the 1900’s, the sheep evolved into a hearty breed with quality fleeces. Selective breeding along with crossbreeding of the Dishley Leicester led to the modern day Romney.
Staple Length:
4 - 8 inches
33 - 37 microns (46s - 50s)
Dyers Notes:
Romney has thick individual fibers that absorb dye very well creating a very rich and evenly dyed finished product. The natural properties of Romney will give the fiber a subtle sheen similar to a "egg shell" house hold paint.
Spinners Notes:
Perfect for novice spinners, Romney's thickness and forgiving staple length is an ideal choice for those seeking to perfect their drafting technique.