Rambouillet; sharing a resemblance but with slightly different characteristics, is one of the many breeds in the Merino Family. Rambouillet sheep produce a soft fiber but trade a bit of fineness for some bounce and resiliency. Rambouillet get their name from the estate of Louis XVI in Northern France. In the late 1700’s he imported Spanish Merino sheep to Rambouillet estate and began to breed them with his own flock. By the early 1800’s they were varied enough from the Merino to be considered their own breed. By 1840 they were introduced to North America where they thrived and are considered the “backbone” of the American sheep industry.
Staple Length:
3 - 5 inches
18 - 24 microns (64s)
Dyers Notes:
Rambouillet is one of the most dense fibers that we work with, this means that visually you will see a slight variegation creating a natural depth and interest within each color. Rambouillet has a very soft matte finish.
Spinners Notes:
Ideally Rambouillet is spun fine to manage its loft. Rambouillet can be more challenging to spin than Polwarth but not a challenging as a classic Merino. Perfect for lace weight projects but can be spun bulky as well.