Masham is a true crossbreed. It is not its own recognized breed in the woolen world but a result of breeding either a Teeswater or Wensleydale ram with a Dalesbred or Swaydale ewe. The idea of this cross breed was first started over 100 years ago in the northern hills of England, with the goal of creating a heartier and healthier breed, this is known as “hybrid vigor”. Hybrid vigor is the idea that the offspring through cross breeding can produce better performing traits than their pure bred parents. In the case of the Masham those traits are stronger mothering instincts, more lustrous fiber, and heavier milk production.
Staple Length:
6 - 14 inches
29-34 Microns (46s to 50s)
Dyers Notes:
While Masham can be as white as most other fibers that you will find here at ITW, the Masham we offer is a heather grey in color which significantly affects how the wool absorbs the color.
Spinners Notes:
Because of its staple length, Masham is a decent fiber for those new to spinning. Like Wensleydale, this wool is best spun with only a slight twist as too much will result in a very coarse yarn.