Not a breed but a region gives this group of sheep their name. The Falkland Islands are off the coast of Argentina where their shepherds are known for their high quality fiber with low amount of kemp (vegetable product) and ever improving fineness. On the islands there are Merinos and Polwarth sheep with a history of Corriedale and Romney as well. The Falkland fleeces are known for being particularly white because of their ideal climate and growing conditions, this also prevents them from having to go through the chemical cleaning process of many other breeds allowing them to maintain an organic standard.
Staple Length:
3-6 inches
18-33 Microns
Falkland Islands
Dyers Notes:
Falkland is a great fiber for absorbing colors, it takes dye readily and therefore will have very pure saturation of even color. The nature of the fiber will leave a subtle sheen with the softness of a more lofty fibers.
Spinners Notes:
Like Corriedale, with its long staple length, Falkland wool is an ideal introduction to the handspinning.